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How to Choose your Overhead Garage Door

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How to Choose your Overhead Garage Door

Overhead garage door Plano supplier, Plano Garage Doors would like to offer you a few tips on what to take into consideration when selecting your door. The overhead garage door you choose can make a significant impact on the facade of your home. Some other important considerations for your overhead door include material, opener style, safety and insulation. Wood, aluminium and steel are the three options available, while openers are either constructed from chain, belt or screw mechanisms. Although there are general safety regulations that all garage doors adhere to, there are extra features that could be the deciding factor if you have special concerns.

While wood overhead doors are the most cost effective choice for your overhead door Plano, it is also has the most traditional aesthetic.

Home owners often like to match the overhead garage door to the front door in order to create uniformity in the house’s appearance.

Aluminium overhead door can also be altered to resemble wood, although nothing beats the look of a genuine wood overhead door Plano. It is important to take into account the weather that your overhead garage door Plano will be exposed to. Steel, for example, is prone to rust and dents, while wood requires ongoing treatment to withstand wear and tear.

overhead door PlanoWhen it comes to selecting an garage door opener for your overhead garage door Plano, bear in mind that a belt mechanism is the quietest option. For residential garages that are positioned close to living spaces, a quieter option is best. A chain opener unit is the most reliable style to select, particularly if you have selected a heavy overhead door plano. Screw style openers are the wisest choice for a tilting overhead garage door Plano. We recommend selecting a ¾ Horse Powered opener for your home although most residential doors can be powered by ½ Horse Power. This is because the former is a hardier choice with greater longevity. The aim is always to make the most sustainable choice. Bear in mind, however, that you will need to do regular inspections of your overhead door Plano to ensure that it is still functioning smoothly as dangerous accidents can occur if the door is not properly maintained.

Safety regulations state that a door must close at 7 inches per second and that a movement-sensitive laser beam must be included in the opening and closing system.

In addition to this, certain overhead doors Plano are reinforced to withstand the elements, and some doors have an automatic locking system for added security against break-ins.

overhead doors PlanoIf your home shares a wall with the garage, it is best to consider installing an insulated overhead garage door Plano. This is due to the fact that it is a quieter choice and will keep your garage at a reasonable temperature throughout the year. Due to the fact that many people use their garages for storage as well as to house their vehicles, it is important that the space does not overheat. Steel and aluminium are conductors, making them susceptible to high temperatures. Opening mechanisms and springs run the risk of freezing over during the coldest seasons if your overhead door Plano is not sufficiently insulated.

These are some factors to take into consideration when selecting your overhead garage door, Plano. Plano Garage Doors is available to advise you further should you be interested.

What Will Overhead Garage Door Repair Be Like In 100 Years ?

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What Will Overhead Garage Door Repair Be Like In 100 Years ?

ike most things in the past, Plano overhead garage doors have moved from just being functional to being a statement of how you are living. In the past overhead doors were simply garage doors, in that they did one thing and that is to protect your car from external elements. The home owner would park his or her car and get out of the car to open the garage door, get back to the car, drive in and finally close the overhead door.

Nowadays things aren’t like that as technology has evolved so has the overhead garage door plano. As of now the basics a overhead garage door should have are:

  • Wi-Fi Connection
  • Garage door openers
  • Universal overhead door opener transmitter
The future will be different in that we know that there are new innovations that are coming up in the garage door industry. The technicians who fix Plano overhead garage doors will be required to stay up to date with current knowledge to let them be able to fix the doors. Here are a couple of things that overhead garage door handymen will have to consider in 100 years.

visit overhead garage door repair company if you need more information about plano overhead door repair.

Internet of Things for overhead garage door

plano overhead door repairThe home is becoming smarter with so many interconnected devices, from the thermostat to the air conditioning. The reason the home is becoming smarter is the internet of things (IoT). As the home is getting smarter the garage is bound to get smarter as well. It will be able to tell home owners where a car has been parked, if a car has been parked and what temperature the garage should be when the owner of the house is to come. As such repairmen should be able to work on IoT to see how best to pre-empt and fix problems.

Plano overhead door Remote fixing

As the overhead garage door becomes smarter through the use of technology, the overhead garage door repair technicians who are needed to fix them if there is a problem might not have to come to the location to fix the problem. As they will be able to pin point where the issue is, they can remotely advise the home owner of what to do and the problem will be solved.

Tools to repair overhead garage door in plano tx

overhead door planoThe tools that are currently being used to fix the garage doors will become obsolete in a couple of years and the handy men will be required to get new ones and learn how best to use them in their work. Rather than using screw drivers and spanners, they would have to know how to work the technology that open and closes the overhead doors.

Training to fix overhead doors in plano TX

It goes without saying that the overhead garage doors repair companies that will be there 100 years from now will be very different. With that the technicians who are tasked the job of installing overhead door in plano, and repairing these doors will have to get different kind of training than what is currently being taught. They would have to go to the manufacturer’s warehouse and find out what has changed and how to adapt to the change. They will also have to go for conferences and forums to find out the new changes in the industry.

Overhead Garage Door Opener Repair Tips

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Overhead Garage Door Opener Repair Tips


There are three types of overhead garage door openers. They include the belt drive, the screw drive and the chain drive door openers. There are various problems that may be found on overhead garage door openers. Before problems develop on overhead door openers, they may be prevented by; maintaining the overhead garage door opener periodically.

Among the maintenance measures are; constantly checking whether the garage door opens and closes smoothly, checking the travel limits and the force limits. Frequently tighten fasteners and brackets. Try to open the garage door from the emergency pull by unplugging the motor. Always ensure all the above conditions are in order for effective working of the overhead garage door opener.


Repair tips to overhead door opener Parts:

Remote control – when the overhead garage door openers remote are not working, first check its light upon powering it on. If the light is not available, check the battery. Upon ensuring that the battery is working but the remote control is not working, reprogram the remote so that it works again.

Wall control unit batteries – the wall control unit may fail due to failure in its batteries, this failure results into failure in communication between the remote control and the wall control unit. You should replace the batteries in the wall control unit.

Sensors – the door has two sensors near the floor. These sensors are made in such a way that they face one another. The sensors ensure that the overhead garage door never closes on anything across it. If the sensors do not work, realign them to face one another and clean their lenses.

garage door openr sensors

Breaker box – the breaker box in the walls may blow up. One should ensure that the breaker box is always in good working conditions by flipping it back on position then check on the remote control and the wall unit whether it is working.

Springs – there are springs that are normally found above the overhead garage door. These springs are tightly wound and help in lifting the overhead garage door. One should check and ensure that they are still in position, in case of broken springs; one should order replacement of the springs for the good working of the overhead door.

Frequently grease the overhead garage door – to ensure proper working of the garage door, it should be frequently lubricated to avoid being too noisy when opening or becoming too hard to open the garage door.

Pressure adjustment of the garage door opener – in cold places, the garage door pressure should be adjusted to suit the weather conditions to avoid losing power connection to the overhead door.


Garage Door Maintenance: How a Professional Firm Can Help You

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Garage Door Maintenance: How a Professional Firm Can Help You

arage doors are not toys or mere decorative pieces. In fact they are sophisticated machines featuring highly technical components. Experts say a typical garage door has over 300 moving parts. Some of the highly technical garage door parts include garage door springs – extension springs and torsion springs; garage door track wheels; cables; automated opener and several others.

Garage door maintenance and repair is not a layman’s hobby. Property owners need expert assistance to attend to them regularly for maintenance and occasionally for repairs and for changing the damaged spare parts. This article talks of how a professional garage door firm can help you maintain your garage door in a proper and smooth working condition.

First and foremost, property owners must know why there are a number of garage door repair and service firms over there engaged in a lucrative business. Garage doors are found almost in every building whether residential or commercial. They are widely used through the country. Their growing numbers is a testimony to suggest how big the garage door industry is today.

garage door openerFine, garage doors need regular maintenance. While you can do some of them yourself, you need the assistance of a professional firm to do their lot. Garage doors feature a lot of moving parts. Garage door wheels alignment, changing of broken wheels, changing of broken springs and cables need expert assistance.

They have the necessary training, skill set and the right kind of advanced implements to do their bit. Therefore, you need to understand the importance of bringing in a professional garage door firm into the picture of maintaining your garage door.

It is neither recommended nor safe to meddle with a garage door yourself for a number of reasons. Garage door springs for instance are under heavy tension. If you happen to release them unexpectedly while meddling with them, they might cause deadly injuries and damage to property. The professionals on the other hand have the right kind of implements to handle them delicately. Now let us talk on what garage door firms do regarding garage door regular maintenance.

garage-door repairGarage door regular maintenance consists of a few tasks. The different components have to be checked for their intact condition and intact position. The garage door wheels must move into the tracks and should be well aligned to their paths; the springs – extension and torsion – must be rust free and intact; the channels must be clean and lubricated for facilitating a royal road to the moving parts; the cables must be intact without damage; the openers, keypads and remotes must be checked for their proper working condition; the sensors should be inspected. Thus, there are lot of things that the professionals need to do with your garage doors.

Do some research on the internet and ask some of your contacts regarding the choice of a good and reliable garage door service and repair firm. Find out whether the firm can render emergency services during the needed hour. Enquire whether the team of professionals employed are trained, skilled and licensed to do their chore. Find out whether the firm uses genuine spare parts and sophisticated implements. Over and above, ensure that the firm does not engage in frauds or scams.

After all, while the firm must do what is needed for your garage door, they should not end up escalating your bill with unnecessary inclusions for making money. While you must spend on what is essential, you must not allow them to rob your pocket the professional way. Keep these things in mind and make the best use of the professional garage door firms to take good care of your garage doors.

When To Replace Your overhead Garage Door

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When To Replace Your overhead Garage Door

Garage door that don’t function properly is actually a common subject of home improvement articles and a recurring problem in many homes. If you are certain that it is impossible to fix or repair the existing overhead door, perhaps you might consider replacing the existing overhead garage door altogether. It is quite useful to know when to replace the garage door since it will save you time, money and effort, trying to repair something that should be in fact replaced!

Let’s say you have never had to replace your door in your life, and don’t know if you should – I will teach you how to deal with it like a pro! Certainly, different overhead garage doors, with different damages, will make your own particular situation unique. However, if you want to make certain that your overhead garage door needs replacing, look for these clues.

Old overhead garage door Hinges

Use your observational skills and carefully examine the situation that your garage door hinges are in. You will have to take some time in order to carefully investigate the hinges, as well as other elements. What you want to look at is the signs of faulty elements; make sure that you remember them as the potential source of problem. Perhaps they could be fixed, but if the problem is reoccurring in more than one place, perhaps it is the time that you take some action and replace the overhead garage door altogether.

Crumbling Wood

Another sign that you need an urgent replacement of your overhead door is the crumbling wood around the hinges. Sometimes a few turns of the screw you could improve your situation, or even to completely resolve the issue (because a overhead garage door often has loose screws, bolts or springs), however, sometimes you cannot fix this problem that easy! This is when you should know that it is high time for you to replace your overhead garage door! When there is no part of the wooden construction where you could find an appropriate place for the hinge, it is the time that you consider replacing the existing overhead door for new one!

Putting Yourself And Others In Danger

You should replace the overhead garage door as soon as you can the moment you realize that the broken or faulty overhead door actually might do some damage to people or property. It is not something that should be taken lightly. Therefore, if you have witnessed the situation where someone or something could have got hurt because of your faulty garage door, you should immediately start thinking how and when you should replace it. Your safety, as well as the safety of others, should come first. Not to mention the safety of your property.

Dealing With Frustration

In addition to that, if you find that your attempts to repair your overhead garage door are futile, and that you are constantly repairing them, perhaps you could just avoid dealing with all the problems and frustration by replacing the existing garage door altogether.

5 Steps To Fixing Your overhead Garage Door

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5 Steps To Fixing Your overhead Garage Door

We all know how frustrating it can be to have a non-functioning overhead garage door. If you want to learn how to fix your garage door quickly and easily, here are five steps that you should definitely read and follow in order to do so.

Even if you have never fixed a overhead door before, these five steps will definitely help you do so in the future more or less successfully. Let’s see which five steps you will have to make in order to fix your garage door.

Step One – Inspect All Elements

Before you start it is essential that you take some time and inspect all the elements. Look at all the hinges and springs. Investigate all the elements and see how your overhead garage door actually functions. In order to make sure that all the elements work properly, or where the problem is, make sure that you look at your overhead garage door system from the inside of the garage. This is the best way to determine where are the problem is, as well as how to fix it.

Step Two – Clean The Dirt

There might have been some amount or a substantial amount of dirt on the hinges and the garage door mechanism. Make sure that you clean all the dirt as you investigate the elements that make up your Plano overhead door system. This will make it easier for you to determine where the problem is, but in addition to that sometimes the dirt itself can pose a problem is to the functioning of your garage door. Therefore, you should carefully remove all dirt prior to fixing problems.

Step Three – Tighten Loose Parts

Once you have had a detailed look into the situation and state your overhead garage door Plano is in, make sure that you tighten any will lose screws, bolts or springs. In other words, if you notice any parts of your garage door that are loose, make sure that you fix it right away on the spot. In addition to that, if some of your hinges are lose because the wood underneath them is crumbling, make sure that you move the hinge to the place where the wood is solid.

Step Four – Replace Broken Parts

Upon your inspection you might perceive that some parts of your Plano overhead garage door are broken. In order to fix this, you should replace the broken parts with new parts. Make sure that you buy the parts that are corresponding with your overhead door mechanism, and carefully see how they can be replaced. If you think that it is too difficult to do so yourself, perhaps you should call someone to help you out so that you don’t make any mistakes.

Step Five – Test It Out

Once you are certain you have fixed the problem, make sure that you test it out. There are scenarios in which your garage door will still not function properly. This only means that the problem is probably somewhere else, and perhaps this is the time when you should give up and call a professional.

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